Passage of Mehlville’s Prop A would result in no overall increase

‘Another View’ by Superintendent Chris Gaines

Passage of Mehlvilles Prop A would result in no overall increase

By Chris Gaines

In November, district voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition R, and two video updates have outlined our progress relative to those funds.

As the Board of Education was deciding to put Prop R on the ballot last summer, I recommended that 4 cents be placed on the April ballot. The board decided to move forward in January and placed Proposition A on the April 5 ballot.

Prop A asks voters to increase our capital projects fund by 4 cents, with a subsequent reduction in the debt service fund of 4 cents — no overall increase. This continuation of a current tax allows the district to have a dedicated source of funding for roof and HVAC projects to not only maintain your investment, but improve the efficiency of outdated heating and cooling systems.

The 4 cents may seem like an odd number. It is the remaining tax rate paying down general-obligation bond debt that voters approved in 1992-1993. We are about to pay off that debt and are asking to continue the 4 cents to fund the following roofing projects:

• 2016 — Forder Elementary, $438,000.

• 2017 — Beasley Elementary, $144,000, and Point Elementary, $283,000.

• 2018 — Wohlwend Elementary, $67,000, and Oakville High, $425,000.

• 2019 — Jefferson Barracks, $140,300.

• 2020 — Trautwein Elementary, $41,000; Wohlwend Elementary, $445,000; and Point Elementary, $185,000.

• 2021 — Mehlville High School, $1.5 million.

• 2022 — Bierbaum Elementary, $585,000, and Oakville Middle, $495,000.

• 2023 — Bernard Middle, $604,000, and Buerkle Middle, $670,000.

• 2024 — Oakville High, $1.4 million.

• 2025 — Washington Middle, $345,000.

These could move forward or back in time as projects are bid and we see costs relative to our estimates.

The projects, and others funded by Prop R, will improve the efficiency of our buildings by replacing inefficient roofs and HVAC systems. Thank you for becoming an informed voter, and I encourage you to vote on April 5.