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Panel hard at work on Crestwood goals

The Crestwood Economic Development Commission is hard at work developing a program to help the city achieve its economic development goals, according to a news release.

“We understand that securing Crest-wood’s long-term economic vitality won’t be accomplished overnight,” EDC Chair-man Forrest Miller stated in the release. “Still, we also realize how important it is for the community to hear about what we’re doing to get there, especially since not everything the city is doing is going to be immediately visible.”

The panel has been meeting since April and its work program is comprised of immediate and long-term goals, including:

• Meeting with representatives of Crest-wood’s business and development community.

• Examining the city’s development re-view process to ensure it is efficient and business friendly.

• Contacting businesses outside the city to encourage and facilitate their relocation to Crestwood.

• Developing a survey to seek resident and business input that will assist the EDC in its preparation of an economic development strategy for Crestwood.

• Announcing efforts already under way including completion of a market feasibility study for the Watson Road Commercial District as well as a draft update to the city’s sign code.

Commission meetings are open to the public and take place at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month in Room 105 of the Crestwood Community Center in White-cliff Park.

“We want to hear what our businesses think about Crestwood, and what they think needs to be done to make it an even better place to do business here,” the EDC chairman stated.

“The city is working not only to attract new businesses, but to retain those that are already here,” Miller added.

The Board of Aldermen created the city’s first Economic Development Commission last November.

Since then, a group of highly qualified and dedicated individuals has been assembled to guide and assist with the development, promotion and implementation of strategies to achieve the city’s economic de-velopment goals.

The core responsibilities of the EDC are to provide a forum for building consensus on the economic issues facing Crestwood and the means for addressing them; facilitate development of the city’s vision as to the type of local economy the city needs, desires and can support; formulate, develop and implement economic development strategies for the city to achieve its economic goals; and advise and make recommendations to the mayor, Board of Aldermen and staff.

By drawing on the valuable expertise of the members, who must be Crestwood residents, property owners and/or business representatives, the EDC is intended to help foster most positive interactions with the Crestwood business community, as well as the public, according to the news release.