PAC funding misleading ad campaign to overturn veto of HB 253

To the editor:

With the incredible amount of money that the Missouri Club for Growth Political Action Committee is spending on hype to overturn the veto of House Bill 253, it is worth reading the content of this bill on the


What the bill does is grant huge tax relief to businesses in Mis-souri without any corresponding requirement to grow net jobs in Missouri. In addition, it does not require entities already doing business in Missouri to either maintain or increase the current level of employment they already have at this time. One more thing, the bill doesn’t even require a living wage — either now or in the future.

It is true that the bill does contain some language about tax relief for those Missourians at or near the poverty level. That’s all. It guarantees nothing except tax relief for a very few, with the offsetting burden of financing Missouri government on the rest of us.

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. This is your issue.

Don’t let this political action committee take advantage of your good nature and intentions. Contact your representatives and ask them to represent your interests — not those of the individuals behind the misleading Grow Missouri ad campaign.

Mike Felling