Outrage about critical race theory is ‘artificial,’ says reader


To the editor:

In the June 23 edition of the Call, a story referred to “critical race theory” and “both sides”. 

The faux outrage about “critical race theory” is an artificial construct by one major national cable news outlet in America, only. It’s not real. It actually doesn’t exist outside of it’s heavy consumers of anti-Biden propaganda like the older, whiter Fox News viewing audience. 

America owns a racist, bigoted past. Laws were made to benefit white residents. Native Americans were systemically eliminated based on race and cultural beliefs. Gay people were blacklisted and cancelled in this nation for centuries. Slaves in the South were not paid, working under constant threat of violence and death. These non-controversial statements are facts that should not threaten any functioning adult in 2021.

The non-news, opinion-based Fox hosts that promote this artificial outrage like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have again damaged our basic public discourse about simple reality itself. These wealthy pundits are a reason Jan. 6 happened; they learned no lesson, they feel zero shame in lying. 

The important part of the story here is that so many in our community are easliy misinformed and mislead by bad-faith-actor millionaire television personality propagandists.

Matt Ankney