Offices set up to aid in health care enrollment

Cover Lemay, a non-profit organization grant funded through the Missouri Foundation for Health, has established four office locations throughout the Lemay area to assist consumers and businesses with enrollments through the Affordable Care Act.

Cover Lemay has already begun assisting dozens of individuals and families in the Lemay area and throughout Missouri, according to a news release. Enrollment rates are increasing and a number of consumers are gaining access to health insurance with dramatically lower costs compared to their previous policies. In some cases, consumers have qualified for premiums at or near zero dollars per month.

Cover Lemay is now taking appointments and walk-ins at offices at: Venture Works, Lemay Child and Family Center, Hancock Place Clinic and the Lemay Housing Partnership.

Consumers can now also make appointments through the organization’s website at

or by calling (314) 691-7469.

The open enrollment period for purchasing insurance through the federal health insurance marketplace ends on March 31.

Cover Lemay encourages consumers to get assistance as soon as possible if they are uninsured, underinsured, or currently paying high premiums, the release stated.

Cover Lemay staff are trained and certified to assist consumers with specific questions regarding their application on the

website. Local counselors can also assist small businesses and provide educational seminars.