Obvious Klund doesn’t know definition of shamble, letter writer says

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the comments made by Michael Klund regarding the Mehlville Fire Protection District Board of Directors that appeared in the Feb. 17 Call.

It’s obvious Mr. Klund doesn’t know the definition of shamble. Examples:

A. The present board reduced taxes. Is that a shamble?

B. The present board built three new fire stations with a fourth on the way. Is that a shamble?

C. The present board doubled the number of paramedics. Is that a shamble?

The present board bought four new fire trucks, six new ambulances and a rescue squad — all paid with cash. Is that a shamble? The present board has changed the pension plan and reformed workers’ compensation and health insurance to be in line with the private sector. Is that a shamble?

Mr. Klund, the union no longer runs the fire district — the taxpayers do. Mr. Klund, if there is so much dissatisfaction with the way the board is conducting the taxpayers’ wishes, why did 135 people apply for one job with the district?

Also, if current employees quit and try to find a job that has equal salary, benefits and time off, they then will know the true meaning of shamble.

Felix C. Washburn

south county