Objections to trash districts should be directed at Campisi, not Dooley

This is in response to two letters about the trash districting.

First, Celeste Witzel, by voting for County Councilman John Campisi as her representative on the County Council, did get a vote on the trash districting when he cast his vote for the proposal. That he now claims he didn’t know what he was voting for is a lame excuse and Ms. Witzel should take her objections to the trash districting up with Mr. Campisi, not County Executive Charlie Dooley.

Second, in criticizing bureaucracy and trash districts, Darold E. Nelson mentions his nephew who started a trash-hauling business would be put out of business if the city he lived in enacted trash districting like St. Louis County. I guess he also was against Wal-Mart in south county since that put a lot of small stores out of business. I didn’t know that was communism, I thought that was capitalism.

Ruth C. Bauer