Obama’s mandate ‘an unconstitutional power grab,’ letter writer says

To the editor:

In his recent letter to the editor, Michael Nolan “strongly supports” President Barack Obama’s attempt to provide free birth control for all women. I profoundly disagree with Mr. Nolan and President Obama.

First, nothing is “free.” What might be free for someone is paid for by another. Certainly Mr. Nolan can’t believe that insurance companies won’t increase premiums to cover the cost of what President Obama says they will be asked to provide free of charge.

Thus, whoever pays the premium is paying for the “free” items. Likewise, what the government provides free for some, costs taxpayers; for example, food stamps. I’m not saying the government shouldn’t provide food stamps to the poor, I’m just pointing out that someone pays for them, namely the taxpayers.

Mr. Nolan mentions stopping unwanted pregnancies of young girls reduces poverty and that these pregnancies should be prevented with birth control. The answer for young girls who don’t want to get pregnant is to not have sex. That doesn’t cost any money. It simply requires a decision to not have sex if a pregnancy is not desired. All actions have consequences.

Lastly, President Obama’s mandate is an unconstitutional power grab. He does not have the authority to issue these edicts. The United States is a democratic republic. According to the Constitution, our laws are supposed to originate in the House of Representatives if the bills raise revenue.

Because the voters spoke loud and clear in November 2010, the president’s party no longer controls the House. Since then, President Obama has resorted to agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency to advance his agenda. Besides being an unconstitutional power grab, the president’s mandate is an assault on religious freedom, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment.

I am appreciative that numerous religious denominations have spoken out in a loud and clear voice that this is what they believe the president’s mandate is.

Brenda Rupp