‘Obama and his czar cronies’ destroying nation, letter writer says

To the editor:

In response to Ray Hoffstetter’s Sept. 27 letter, I submit the following comments:

First, I find it hard to believe that so many mindless Democrats are so supportive of President Barack Obama’s administration given its unconstitutional activities; lies; spending; redistribution of wealth; unsupportive of the private sector; unsupportive of coal, oil and gas industries; and a failing foreign policy.

Second, let me be very clear: Obama and his czar cronies with their Communist and Muslim leanings and beliefs in the White House are destroying this nation.

They are destroying this nation through massive debt. They have increased the debt from $10.6 trillion to more than $16 trillion.

If Obama is re-elected, the debt will be more than $22 trillion. This will mean disaster for this country.

Third, the unemployment rate has exceeded 8 percent for four years. It’s not in Obama’s thinking to reduce unemployment or to create jobs. He doesn’t believe in the private sector. That’s why he is destroying it.

Furthermore, the United States is a capitalistic society, not a socialist society, which Obama is pushing for this country.

Fourth, Obama foreign policy is to protect all Muslim nations, which he hopes one day will overtake the United States. This is based upon his early Muslim beliefs.

In conclusion, I hope the population will recognize the fact that Obama is destroying this nation and that he needs to be stopped.

We need Romney/Ryan in 2012.

Robert L. Praprotnik