Oakville writer’s ‘Pool table theology’ ponders what if with Hitler, God

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

Thanks for printing my letter several years ago about leaving my camera in the car of an Oakville couple several decades ago.

And I was surprised when you printed my “Pool table theology” letter last Jan. 30.

“P.T.T.” originated when I was wondering how long it would take a person to toss a bucket with roughly 10 balls onto the pool table and have all of them drop into the pockets.

Later I thought how fascinating it would be to watch God toss and have all the balls go into one pocket every time.

But “P.T.T.” got a real jolt a couple months ago when I wondered why God let Adolf Hitler be born.

God could have achieved that objective without anything drastic like causing Hitler’s parents to have a fatal crash on the way to their honeymoon motel.

More merciful would have been to shift a few atoms of oxygen in the atmosphere of the European village where Hitler’s grandparents lived, which would have kept them from ever meeting.

No matter how or when God decided to create anything, I now believe that He should have never created anything since He knew that “… many would find the broad way to destruction … and only a few find the way to life …”

David Malan