Oakville students take first in debate tourney

Oakville Senior High School teacher Ed Taylor now knows what it means when someone says “good things come to those who wait.”

As coach of the school’s speech and debate team, Taylor recently waited through seven grueling rounds of competition to see his star performers get their just rewards, according to a district news release.

Competing in the prestigious Francis Howell North High School Invitational Tournament, sophomore students Mitch Downey and Mark Grogan were up against some of the best debaters in the region. In all, there were 21 schools matching wits, trading facts and doing their level best to stand out. Round after round, Downey and Grogan continued to shine, advancing all the way to the finals.

With first place on the line, Downey and Grogan were pitted against a seasoned team of seniors. Showing no fear the Oakville students stated their case and captured the tournament’s first-place prize.