Oakville resident will not support Stenger

I won’t support Steve Stenger for County Council for south county, even if he is a Democrat.

His campaign finance reports show he’s gotten three checks from Fred Weber Inc., masked by using subsidiaries, Quality Sand, Bluff City Minerals and Crystal Springs Development —

— one from Charlie Dooley and one from FWI attorneys.

Remember a few years ago when the head of FWI threatened to use their money and power to defeat Mr. Campisi if he kept opposing their trash plans? And Mr. Campisi kept on fighting for the citizens of south county.

John Campisi has also opposed many bad proposals like apartment complexes and QuikTrips. I’m not expecting perfection in any human; no one but God is perfect. I’ve personally seen Mr. Campisi always do his best in very tough situations. I want a good, honest advocate to represent me and all the people of south county.

The problem is Mr. Campisi is only one of seven council members to say what happens in south county. And with county government’s blatant disregard for county and state law — my opinion — it’s an uphill, tough fight.

No one has proven to be better suited. Do you want tried and true or the unknown?

Barbi Diehl


Editor’s note: Mrs. Diehl’s husband, Tom, serves as president of the Mehlville Board of Education.