Oakville resident will cast her vote for Stream in November election

To the editor:

If you are among the people who voted for Steve Stenger to make sure County Executive Charlie Dooley was voted out of office, please don’t make the mistake of thinking the fight is over.

This November, we have an opportunity to vote for real policy change, not just a superficial face change resulting in business as usual. We need to demand a responsive, accountable county government, one that consults the people of south county before doing something affecting south county.

Whether it’s the National Church Residences building in Oakville, the Tesson Ferry Library relocation or the questionable zoning changes made near Suson Park, county government ignored the right of the people to have a say in what goes on in their neighborhoods.

We must end this abuse of power by electing a man of integrity and character who will not repeat the negative things done by County Executive Dooley and County Councilman Stenger.

I invite you to join me in voting for Rick Stream for county executive and a brighter future for south county:

• A future where people are notified ahead of time about local projects affecting them, giving them a chance to voice their objections, and be seriously listened to.

• A future that doesn’t involve a city/county merger, where the county is forced to take on city debt and uncertainty.

• A future where the people of south county have a voice regarding decisions made by county government.