Oakville resident knows Stenger, will support his bid for County Council

In response to Mr. Foster’s recent letter shuddering to vote for Steve Stenger, I strongly disagree with him. I support Steve Stenger for County Council. I know him.

He grew up in south county and came from a working family. He is a CPA. He is a prosecuting attorney who is tough on crime. He is a self-made and independent person who wants to end back-room political deals and make government transparent. He wants taxes lowered and wants to end out-of-control county spending.

Stenger’s opponent, Campisi, has taken thousands of dollars from developers — the same developers who don’t care about south county beyond what they can take from it.

Campisi’s voting record reveals that he is the perfect puppet.

In 2006, he voted for Charlie Dooley’s trash monopoly plan with the rest of his friends without even reading the bill. In April 2006, he voted to give his future employer, the Church of Scientology, tax-exempt status.

He then voted to divert tax dollars to a shopping center developer’s pockets in-stead of our schools. In 2008, he moved for a payday loan and check-cashing service in Oakville and the Bayless area.

The only time Campisi distinguished himself was when he failed to attend meeting after meeting. He distinguished himself as the most truant, unreachable councilperson.

While Campisi was too busy, south county received the trash-transfer station in Oakville.

I’ll vote for Stenger. No one owns him.

He’s tough. He will stand up to anyone for all of us.

Terri Blunt