Oakville resident has questions for ex-County Councilman Mange

To the editor:

There are several questions I think former County Councilman Skip Mange should be asked.

Why did you sponsor a trash-collection bill for unincorporated St. Louis County just before you left office? This bill was passed with minimal information given to we the people, and this can be attested to by the 400-plus citizens who attended the town-hall meeting March 22.

We were told surveys were made by the county regarding trash pickups. The people ask: When and where? We never heard or knew of any surveys. Were they selected surveys?

Then we found out that Fred Weber Inc. bought two trash collecting companies in 2005 — Crown and Excel. Is this a coincidence?

If you will remember former Councilman Mange supported Fred Weber Inc. when it wanted to put a trash-transfer station in our community — not in Town and Country.

Is there a correlation between Mr. Mange’s waste-collection bill and the purchase of two trash companies by Fred Weber? You decide.

This trash-collection bill is nothing more than another intrusion into our lives. It means we will have another layer of government — bureaucracy — requiring added costs such as salaries, health and welfare and materials, et cetera. As it is now, we just pay our trash company and they take care of the rest.

To me, this whole situation has a foul stench to it. I do not want and do not need anymore dumb laws imposed upon me by county government.

K.E. Dale