Oakville resident favors split of south county from St. Louis County

To the editor:

I favor a split of south county from St. Louis County.

The main reason for my support is that it will not add government.

Unlike incorporation, a new county will not add a local government. I agree with the several comments that another layer of government is undesirable.

Recent foolishness in some local city governments confirms my opposition to this additional layer.

A new county will free south county of interference from Clayton. We won’t have to keep opposing bizarre notions that only affect us.

South county would not be subject to St. Louis County’s infatuation with subsidizing Metro for the city. We would not be forced into trash districts that don’t affect anybody but the unincorporated areas in north and south county.

We could prevent whatever allowed the unpopular development on Telegraph Road. We could make our own decisions regarding cooperation with surrounding jurisdictions — city/county merger.

We could do all of this with no additional government. We also would benefit in a way that is near and dear to my heart. We would not have to drive to Clayton for anything.

Less government is better government.

A county split is far better than incorporation.

The only other choice is to continue bowing to the whims of Clayton.