Oakville resident applauds Broughton: ‘Keep those letters coming’


To the editor:

Once again I feel the need to defend a letter from Michael Broughton, this time his July 5 letter, “Broughton responds to the idea that culture spurs school shootings.”

Like Michael I, too, was shocked by the tone of Nancy Matlock’s June 21 letter, “School shootings created by culture that ignores God, writer opines.”

Nancy is probably from the same school that thinks you can “pray away the gay,” and that the Bible should replace the Constitution. I read as recently as last week about abuse within a church that led to the expulsion of a prominent church leader. Church attendance is down not because people do not have faith or strong values, but due to the scandals and scams perpetuated by authority figures in the church and TV evangelists.

I listened to one of these evangelists last week telling his followers that “God wanted him to have a new airplane (his 10th by the way) and they needed to heed God and send him money so he could buy one.”

I think God has other things to worry about.

In reference to racism and to the Aug. 9 letter from Shawn Finney, racism still exists in 2018.

President Donald Trump’s presidency and terminology after Charlottesville embolden the white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Four hundred thousand Americans were killed eradicating Hitler and Nazism. Were  their deaths all in vain? Hate crimes are up, and many school and church shootings have been racially motivated.

A district here in Missouri just voted to have a Nazi to represent them on the Republican ticket. Is any candidate acceptable to voters in some part of this state just because they have an R next to their name?

In response to the Aug. 9 letter by Brian Volansky, Brian, I do agree with what you said about parents paying more attention to what their kids are watching on social media. Parents need to talk to their kids about what they are hearing and listening to at school, and on their phones.

Be a parent, not their buddy.

Maybe politicians cannot solve these problems, but we the voters need to do more research on the values and principles of the people we are voting for, and not rely on political talk shows and infomercials to influence our decisions.

Due to voter apathy and misinformation, there are too many people in elected offices who listen to those who have donated the most rather than the will of the people.

Most people who work are accountable for their job performance. Politicians should be held accountable as well.

Michael, keep those letters coming. Thanks.

Jim Kaznica