Oakville reader questions a writer’s qualifications to diagnose Trump


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

This is in response to “Trump is not a Nazi, reader says; he’s a sick man,” published in the Oct. 4 edition of the Call.

Mr. Allen Weber says that President Trump has a “mental disorder”? Mr. Weber, have you worked with the mentally ill?

Do you have a medical degree? Or is it acceptable to use terms like “Nazi” or “mentally sick” or “crazy” for people you just don’t like?

It seems to me that your letter to the editor is just another case of plain, old-fashioned name calling, which is nothing but a smokescreen used to distract voters from the facts or evidence or using their common sense.

The past couple of weeks I’ve heard lots of name-calling, “guilty by association.”

It is a weapon of mob mentality. I would categorize unjustified, baseless name calling as a hate crime; it causes injury to a person’s good name.

“Give me the facts, ma’am/sir. Just the facts.” Let me decide for myself.

By the way, us Trump lovers applaud his accomplishments.

Jan Tucker