Oakville reader never thought he’d write a letter defending Anthony

To the editor

I never thought that I would write a letter to the editor to defend Call Executive Editor Mike Anthony.

In his Feb. 16 letter to the editor, Don Henrich asks the media to be “fair” and “unbiased.”

Mr. Henrich’s comments about the media’s thin-skinned vigor is 180 degrees opposite of what is taking place. There has not been an administration since President Richard Nixon that held the press in such disdain.

Please remember that this administration declared war on the press, calling it the “opposition party.”

Every day is another crazy statement from this administration. The press can’t make this up.

Mr. Anthony was only asking that the president act with the dignity that the presidency demands.

His Feb. 2 opinion column was to the point of what we should all expect of a president and his administration.

Daniel B. Heckstetter