Oakville reader gives his take on senior housing complex being built

To the editor:

The new 45-unit apartment complex being built on Telegraph Road is really a $2 million to $2.5 million structure.

But the Obama administration is paying Ohio-based National Church Residences more than $5 million to build it.

Why, you ask, would the government overpay so much? I’ll tell you why.

Because the obscene profits that NCR rakes in, up front on this project — for example, $2 million to $3 million — is all part of a payback/pay-forward scheme for the large campaign contributions of the past and the future.

It’s all paid for with the USA credit card, which is currently more than $17 trillion in the hole.

That’s more than $17,000,000,000,000.

And the people of south county instinctively know they are being overcharged for this new government project and they don’t like it. Once NCR collects its $5 million-plus fee, it will have made all its profit up front. It won’t have to be concerned with the project after that day.

So the NCR is focused on getting something — anything — built so it can collect more than $5 million, all while appearing to be a charitable organization focused on helping the poor.

And, here’s how it got through the approval process: Instead of presenting the construction plans for approval and the request to rezone for approval together — at the same time — the county first approved the request to rezone, then about a year later, quietly approved the construction plans.

That’s how this is snuck by the people.