Oakville High student earns perfect scores

Oakville High School senior Ian Darnell is in an academic league of his own.

Darnell recently aced the history subsection of the SAT II college entrance test, scoring a perfect 800. The SAT II subject tests are not as commonly taken as the ACT or SAT I tests, but are required by some universities, according to a district news release.

The perfect score on the history subsection wasn’t the first time Darnell aced a section of the college entrance exams. On the October ACT exam, he scored a perfect 36 on the English section of the test and earned a 35 on the reading section. His overall ACT score was a 31. He also scored a perfect 36 on the reading section of the ACT exam when he took it in June.

Darnell, 17, is the son of Robert and Colleen Darnell.