Oakville better off without a new QuikTrip service station, reader says

To the editor:

I recently received a notice from the St. Louis County Planning Commission concerning a proposed QuickTrip service station to be built on Telegraph Road between Forder Road and Rolens Drive.

These same people have tried unsuccessfully twice to build on Telegraph Road — once near Christopher Drive when they were thwarted by concerned citizens of the area and once they were stopped by the highway department when they wanted to build on the southeast corner of Telegraph and Martigney, near Interstate 255.

Just how many gas pumps do we need on Telegraph in Oakville? Right now we have two just north of I-255, one just south of I-255, one at Pottle, one at Yaeger, one at Cliff Cave, one at Gebhardt, and one at Susan.

With booming expansion in south county, I can understand the need for businesses to locate here and I have supported some of these structures, such as the professional buildings on Telegraph and Rolens Drive, which through their design and landscaping have enhanced the area.

Having more fuel pumps light up for possibly 24 hours a day is not my idea of enhancement for the people of Oakville. On Monday, Nov. 17, the St. Louis County Planning Commission will hold a public meeting in the County Council Chambers, Administration Building, County Government Center, 41 S. Central Ave., Clayton.

If enough of us attend that meeting and voice our objections, our community will be better off.

Pat Moylan