Oakville apartment complex for elderly would benefit area seniors

To the editor:

Well, has everybody been heard from now?

How about seniors who would benefit from the apartments for the elderly under construction in Oakville? I think it is terrible the people of Oakville want to stop this senior housing complex from being built.

There are very few places for low-income seniors, especially in south county.

Some of these seniors have lived in the area most of their lives, but never had big incomes. Right now, I get a few food stamps, but still have problems buying food for a whole month.

By the end of the month, sometimes it is eat whatever I can find.

I know food stamps are not meant to feed me for the whole month and that I am supposed to furnish the money myself, but it is still hard with everything going up all the time.

It is hard to survive in these times and a woman or man alone really needs some help sometimes. Think about how this project would help someone like me or many others who have always lived right here.

Think about the things we need besides shelter — how about utilities and clothing?

Help us, please.