Not afraid to sign his name, defend his position

To the editor:

I received a letter today from an admirer.

It is one of several over years past. I don’t know his/her name or anything about my admirer, because he/she prefers to remain anonymous. So I’ll refer to him/her as Her-mie — short for hermaphrodite — because a little bit of both sexes seems to be a socially and politically correct moniker.

In the most recent letter, Hermie wants to know when I will “have the (spherical sports objects)” to admit that my many published comments on George W. Bush’s feckless economy were incorrect; conjured by my political bias. To prove a point — the Bush economy is good — Hermie included a letter to the editor clipping from a newspaper which Hermie didn’t bother to identify.

The clipping cites various sources which reflect: fewer uninsured children in the United States than in 2000; that America has the highest employment in its history and the lowest unemployment of any Western de-mocracy; and that economic output in-creased to record level in the third quarter.

Sounds great. But Hermie needs to get a grip. The letter is from a guy in Frontenac, one of the wealthiest municipalities in the fifth wealthiest county in America. Of course he thinks the economy is good for him. King George has put billions in the bank accounts of our wealthiest citizens via his taxing idiocy.

Does anyone really believe the statistical data offered by the Bush government? The Bush Administration is “flawed policy wrapped in illusion.” King George presides over the most thoroughly corrupt political machine in American history; a Bush-style “Never Land” where reality is “checked” at the door.

So I will not retract my previously published comments on the Bush economy.

They were correct. Sorry, Hermie.

I will, however, muster the “spherical sports objects” to sign my name to this letter and defend my position when necessary.

Michael K. Broughton

Green Park