Noble rejected salary increase only ‘after he started feeling the heat’

To the editor:

Superintendent Terry Noble of the Mehlville School District has agreed not to take a $44,000 raise, instead opting to accept a raise similar to the percentages that other Mehlville administrators are getting, still leaving him with a very good salary.

If that is supposed to impress me, it does not.

What would have impressed me is for Mr. Noble to have turned down the pay increase when it was offered, knowing that this ridiculous amount could be put to good use on a supposedly cash-strapped district. He only turned it down after he started feeling the heat.

It deeply disturbs me that the Mehlville School District felt it could offer such a large pay raise when it claims there was no budget to get rid of the ants in my son’s classroom last year.

Or the fact that his teacher had to send a note home to parents in the middle of the year asking for donations for more school supplies for the class.

Or better yet, Prop T had to be the saving grace for the teacher salary freeze to be lifted.

It is waking me up to find out more of where our tax money really goes.

Michele Patterson


Editor’s note: The Mehlville Board of Ed-ucation voted last week to approve a new one-year agreement with Mr. Noble.