‘No one in their right mind would vote’ for a 94-cent tax-rate increase

To the editor:

I don’t know what kind of survey showed that 51.3 percent of voters would approve a 94-cent tax hike in the Mehlville School District.

During these trying times, no one in their right mind would vote for such an additional burden to the homeowner.

People are trying to get by on less, some are on the brink of foreclosure and seniors have had no raise on Social Security and will not have one next year.

We need to stand up and vote this ridiculous tax out and make do in our schools just as the families who are struggling try to make do.

Spending more per student does not guarantee a better education. We need students to take education more seriously and weed out the teachers who are not performing at a high level.

A better dress code would help our students focus more on learning than a fashion show. Some of the students look as if they were going to a party and not school.

Too many body parts are showing and this is — I’m sure — a deterrent to learning.

The Mehlville School District must budget just as the rest of the taxpayers must do during these down times.

I don’t know who was surveyed, but I have lived in this district my entire life and had no phone call.

Virginia Kozel