No guarantee Prop 1 revenue won’t be wasted, Crestwood reader says

The city of Crestwood has seen an increase of $174,691 in its utility tax income from 2006 to 2007.

As of Dec. 31, 2007, audited figures show the city had $1,132,095 in revenues over expenditures. The aquatic center will be paid off in several years and the city will see a $400,000 settlement from cell-phone carriers for past taxes. That’s the good news.

Now for the “not-so-good” news. The city wants an extra $1.1 million per year from Crestwood residents in the form of a property tax called Proposition 1.

Why? All city officials and proponents of the tax can say is that they might need it, but they might not need it for as long as the six years listed on the ballot, so they might retire the tax early. But since that decision would be left up to elected officials who have yet to take office, retiring the tax early might not happen after all.

If Proposition 1 were to pass, what would happen to all of that money? Are there any fiscal controls in place or any specific plans? So far, what has been said is very vague.

Where is the guarantee that this $1.1 million will not be wasted?

There is none. Please vote “no” on Proposition 1. We need better answers from our government. “Mights” and “maybes” aren’t good enough.

James W. Murphy