Nixon provides $10 million to schools for transportation

Because of an improvement in revenue collections, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is releasing $10 million in additional funding to local schools to assist in covering transportation costs.

“This uptick in state revenue allows us to provide additional funds to help schools statewide pay for K-12 transportation,” Nixon stated in a news release.

The General Assembly last year appropriated $152.8 million for transportation, but Nixon in July withheld $70 million, reducing transportation funding to $82.8 million.

The governor announced last month he was releasing $7.5 million of those withheld funds to help schools cover increased fuel costs — bumping fiscal 2011 school transportation funding to $90.3 million.

State Budget Director Linda Luebbering announced today that 2011 fiscal year-to-date net general revenue collections increased 6.3 percent compared to fiscal year 2010, from $3.88 billion last year to $4.13 billion this year. This places revenue collections for the year slightly ahead of forecast, the release stated.

Net general revenue collections for January 2011 increased by 15.9 percent compared to those for January 2010, from $561.2 million to $650.4 million, according to the release.