Nieder clear choice in Crestwood’s Ward 4

To the editor:

Ladies and gentlemen of Crestwood, as you are all well aware, we have an important election coming in April for the position of Ward 4 alderman.

As a 41-year resident of Crestwood, I firmly believe the choice in this election is clear.

I count both Mr. Foote and Mr. Nieder as friends and have for some time now, but there is a vast difference when it comes to “tax and spend” between the two men.

Mr. Foote has said all along that he favors tax increases and expenditures, while Mr. Nieder has campaigned against them.

In my opinion, I firmly believe that in this era of excess taxation by the federal government, we can ill afford any more local tax increases, so I am highly recommending Mr. Nieder for the position of Ward 4 alderman in the Tuesday, April 6, election.

Thomas C. Ford