Newspaper uses latest technology to serve readers

Print editions, digital platforms keep Call readers informed

By Staff Report

Call Newspapers is enhancing its coverage to best serve the needs of readers.

While the Call’s print publications will remain unchanged, the newspaper is using the latest technology to deliver to readers the award-winning community news they have been receiving for nearly 23 years.

The Call’s award-winning website —

— has been operational since 2003, but now is being updated on an almost daily basis with web-exclusive breaking news, school news, sports, community news, business news and news of record.

In addition, readers now can access all of the Call’s print and web-exclusive content by visiting both our Facebook page at

and our Twitter page at


Furthermore, smartphone users can access all of the Call’s community news at


The Call’s website is a powerful electronic resource for residents of south county and beyond.

Besides the content found in the weekly editions, the website provides readers with a variety of interactive features, including photo galleries, an archive search and electronic announcement submission forms.

The website also offers an online poll seeking readers’ opinions on issues that are important to them. Recent polls have asked readers their opinions on tuition-free, full-day kindergarten in the Mehlville School District and special advisory committees appointed by the Sunset Hills mayor.

Since the Oakville Call was launched in August 1989, the Call has become the newspaper of record for south county, and since last summer, the Call’s news content has been available on Google News.

While the Call is using the latest technological advancements to enhance readers’ access to its award-winning coverage, the weekly print editions will continue to be mailed directly to homes and businesses throughout south county.

More than 50,000 Call newspapers are mailed every week with an additional 5,000 copies delivered to more than 160 stacks around south county, including Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Fenton, Arnold and Columbia, Ill.

The company’s four weekly publications — the Oakville Call, the Concord Call, the SunCrest Call and the Green Park Call — are mailed to ZIP codes 63129, 63128, 63127, 63126 and part of 63123.

The Mail Call, a special publication introduced in late 1999, is mailed six times a year as a supplement to the weekly newspaper in the same ZIP codes. It is also mailed to every home and business in Affton, Arnold and Lemay for a total circulation of more than 100,000.

Also featured in today’s edition of the Mail Call and in the weekly newspapers is the fifth edition of the Welcome Call.

The Welcome Call was launched in 2009 to help celebrate the Call’s 20th anniversary. Designed as a comprehensive community directory, the Welcome Call is published once a year and mailed to all ZIP codes covered by the Mail Call.

Judging from the responses to the first four Welcome Calls, we’re sure readers again will welcome this source of local businesses, churches, schools, organizations and community representatives.

Welcome Call content also can be accessed year-round on the Call’s website at


As readers can see, the Call has you covered with the best of both worlds — its print editions and through its digital platforms. We encourage readers to provide feedback through letters to the editor and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

As the Call approaches its 23rd anniversary, our staff pledges to continue to provide readers with the in-depth news and advertising they cannot find elsewhere.