New crosswalks keep Lindbergh students, families safe

Above, Truman Middle School students use the new crosswalks.

Above, Truman Middle School students use the new crosswalks.

New crosswalks installed at Crestwood Elementary School and Truman Middle School this summer are keeping students and families safe as they walk to and from each building.

Thanks to partnerships with local governments, both upgrades were installed at no cost to the school district.

At Crestwood Elementary School, growing enrollment has resulted in a need for overflow parent parking during special events. Crestwood Principal Jodi Meese was concerned last year when she observed parents and children parking on the other side of Sappington Road and crossing four lanes without a push button to stop traffic at the light. The district spoke to county officials, who then striped a crosswalk across Sappington, added a push button at Reco Drive to safely stop traffic, installed pedestrian signals and added a curb ramp.

In June, the Crestwood Board of Aldermen voted to paint a 6-foot-wide crosswalk across Robyn Road, just north of Truman’s most southern driveway entrance to the school parking lot.

This creates a safer place for students to cross the street, a news release stated.

“We appreciate the city of Crestwood taking time to listen to our concerns last year and voting to invest in a more safe crosswalk location for all of our students who walk to and from school,” said Truman Principal Mike Straatmann.