New Crestwood city logo is ‘rushed and inappropriate, in my opinion’


Letter to the Editor

To the editor:

Last year I had a very nice email exchange with Crestwood Mayor Grant Mabie regarding the city of Crestwood logo. I had submitted a design for a “Route 66”-themed logo, hoping Crestwood would brand itself as a Route 66-themed community.

Mayor Mabie made a strong argument to hold off on such an endeavor at that time in order to focus on more pressing issues.

He characterized a previous attempt at offering a new logo choice to Crestwood’s residents via an online survey as having been “… rushed and inappropriate in my opinion.”

Mayor Mabie acknowledged the process regarding change of a city’s logo requires many stages of exploration and refinement and culminates by putting design options to the residents.

In his own words, “Based on what I have seen other cities do, committees are formed, new logos are submitted, designed, studied, etc. over the course of months, and then the field is winnowed to finalists, and then more formal surveying is done to ascertain whether residents want to opt for one of the finalists or stay with the status quo.”

Where was that process when the new city of Crestwood logo was created?

If the intent of the new logo is to say, “Come to Crestwood — We’ve Got Trees,” then whoever imagined and approved it did a fine job. Crestwood has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. But I’m reasonably sure no one is coming to Crestwood to see our trees.

Our new uninspired city of Crestwood logo is, to coin a phrase from Mayor Mabie, rushed and inappropriate in my opinion.

Dale Taylor

Crestwood’s new logo.


Dale Taylor’s proposed logo.