New brochure offers tips for older job-seekers

A new brochure is available that’s designed to help older adults find a job.

Even though older applicants often bring experience, knowledge and a strong work ethic to a job, many still find it difficult to find employment. For those returning to the work force or entering the work force for the first time, the task can be even more challenging.

The new brochure, Employment Options: Tips for the Older Job Seeker, suggests that older applicants can relate their life experiences as a parent or volunteer or their hobbies to the skills required for a job.

The brochure — prepared by the Eldercare Locator and Senior Service America Inc.— shares tips on how to find hidden job leads, successfully submit a job application and prepare for an interview.

To request the new brochure, contact the Eldercare Locator at (800) 677-1116 or