New board member rings ‘bell of truth’ for Lindbergh’s Proposition R

To the editor:

Recently, I attended a school conference whose featured speaker was a businessman from Iowa.

His subject matter surrounded the motto: “Can’t unring the bell.” Basically, he explained that when statements are made or articles are written concerning a subject, whether factual, actual or otherwise, they are in the minds of the listeners and can’t be erased.

In reading various letters and comments written over the past several weeks concerning Lindbergh’s no-tax-increase bond proposal — Prop R to be voted on Nov. 7 — I realized how true this holds to be. I have read numerous erroneous statements and negative comments from individuals, some with no association to our school district. Even though I feel these comments to be untrue or not factual, they have caused doubt about this proposition, and, in effect, have “rung the bell.”

I feel it is time for me to ring the bell of truth. Having been elected in April, I am the newest board member for the Lindbergh School District. As a certified public accountant who spent 20 years auditing Missouri school districts, I campaigned that I would use my knowledge and skills to assure that Lindbergh, among other things, remained fiscally responsible to its community. I can absolutely assure you this is being accomplished, and Prop R is an excellent example of fiscal responsibility.

As homeowners, we are all aware that physical structures have limited lives. Some buildings in the Lindbergh School District are 50-plus years old and most are at least 40 years old. Like any structure, if they are to remain usable, renovations and repairs are necessary.

The administration has done an excellent job of identifying not only the needs of these buildings, but in a time-ordered manner of which ones are critical. Then, by extending the time in which a previously approved tax levy is retired, these critical building needs can be addressed with no increase in the community’s tax rate. This allows for a planned and systematic manner to maintain these facilities. It is the least costly method for our community, a conservative method, and in my opinion, the most fiscally responsible method.

I liken our school district to that of the glory years of the St. Louis Rams — as community members, are we aware of just how good we have it? We have a district whose quality is matched by very few — just look at our recent No Child Left Behind results.

And we have accomplished everything from a dedicated teaching staff and an administration who knows how to stretch every penny of a dollar. The state funding formula assumes a district has a $3.43 tax base. The district’s surrounding us on all sides have this base and more. What is our base? $2.75. Managing a district of our size on this tax base is a validation of fiscal responsibility.

I am so proud to be a part of such a successful program. And I can assure you that my comments are accurate and factual. Please vote “yes” on Prop R on Nov. 7 and let’s properly ring the bell.

Janine Fabick

Board of Education

Lindbergh School District