Nazi comparison inaccurate: Americans vote ‘freely and without fear’


To the editor:

I am responding to Green Park Ward 1 Alderman Michael K. Broughton’s Aug. 23 letter to the editor where he takes issue with President Donald Trump’s criticism of the media, and where he claims the president is a fascist and wonders (hold your breath) whether President Trump might be “America’s Fuhrer.”

Alderman Broughton’s message is simply this: We, the voters, are incapable of thinking for ourselves; that we cannot sift through the media messaging from politicians and make independent choices about news media content.

Sorry Alderman, we can think for ourselves and don’t need you to tell us how we should interpret the news.

Frankly, Alderman Broughton’s comparison of President Trump to Hitler is absurd on so many levels, the 200-word limit would need to be increased tenfold for a proper response.

But I will offer this: 119 million Americans freely and without fear voted in the last presidential election. Such was not the case in Nazi Germany. Alderman Broughton’s trivialization of our democracy is shameful.

Alderman, again, we don’t need you to tell us how to think, and your version of history is flawed.

Instead, why don’t you tell us about the problems in your ward and what you’ve done to fix them.

That’s why you were elected, right?

Ed Fitzhenry