Must be ‘something strange in drinking water’ of a letter writer


Letter to the Editor 

To the editor:

There must be something strange in the drinking water of some Call readers. The most recent oddity was an Oct. 11 letter by Terry Bilheimer.

The reference was an article depicting legislators’ opinions on education.

She begins by admonishing the Call for its lack of interest in science or democracy.

She details her counting of paragraphs referencing education. Fourteen paragraphs supporting public education, and a Call admonition, because there was an increase by one paragraph; 15 on “creationism,” which she feels is supporting religious education.

As a taxpayer, I would like to inform Ms. Bilheimer that I also presently pay taxes. Why does this lady fear vouchers for education choice? Is it the competition it brings to the table? Fear of how many would flee public education for parochial or private? As an individual who paid for my children’s parochial schooling in addition to paying for “your” child’s education, I can guarantee Ms. Bilheimer, It was not easy…. It was a financial struggle.

Not everyone is “wealthy.”

If to educate a student in a public school is $10,000, many I assume would choose to struggle financially as I did to add the additional few thousand to choose specific teaching for their children. School choice is fairness and can raise the level of public education through competition….good for all.

Her final paragraph also shows her ignorance in her view of why private schools exist. Ms. Bilheimer: “Private schools exist so the wealthy and certain religious denominations won’t have to mix with the public and democratic ideas.”

This type of intolerance is wrong and not good for this county.

Ms. Bilheimer appears to be a very small minded, sad woman.

Sue Jernigan