MSD Rate Commission receives summaries of suggested rate changes

The Rate Commission of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District received a series of suggestions from various industry and citizen groups at its most recent meeting this week.

These suggestions included comments concerning the amount of the proposed rate increase, the length of time of the proposed rate, and usage of the funds. These comments are all available on the MSD website as Exhibits AARP-95, CCM-96, LB-97, MSD-98, MIEC-99, BJH-100 and RM-102 to the Wastewater Rate Change Proceeding.

The Rate Commission will conduct its final public hearing Oct. 6, which will be the last opportunity for MSD customers to be heard and voice their opinion on the rate proposal. After this hearing, the Rate Commission will finalize its deliberations and make its recommendations to the MSD Board of Trustees. 

The Oct. 6 hearing will be take place at 9 a.m. at the offices of MSD, 2350 Market St.

The wastewater rate change proposes a schedule of rate increases to help fund more than $1 billion in needed wastewater system improvements from fiscal 2013 to fiscal 2016.

The Rate Commission conducted a prehearing conference Sept. 28 in connection with the wastewater rate change proposal. At the prehearing conference, the Rate Commission heard specific recommendations from intervenors challenging the Rate Proposal. Those recommendations are available for public view on the MSD website.  

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