‘Move along, Jeff Schlink, the people have spoken,’ Milford says

To the editor:

Former Mayor Jeff Schlink’s

reminds me why he should never again hold elected office in Crestwood.

While he takes great pride in his financial planning skills, he fails to see the big picture. A balanced budget alone is not worthy of his bragging.

Contrary to what Schlink claims, Crestwood has indeed inherited a budget problem — a problem that is due in large part to his failure to lead with creativity and vision.

In the interest of simply achieving a “balanced” budget, Schlink’s decisions will cost Crestwood residents hundreds of thousands of dollars as deferred maintenance multiplies the cost of repairs to city property and streets.

Crestwood is also facing an uphill financial battle due to Schlink’s three years of inaction on falling revenues and economic development. Fortunately, Crestwood now has proactive leadership with Mayor Gregg Roby at the helm and a functional Board of Aldermen.

We have a city planner, work is underway on a comprehensive plan, and businesses once again feel as if they have a voice at City Hall.

Move along, Jeff Schlink, the people have spoken.