Missouri taxpayers will be on the hook for ‘free’ full-day kindergarten

To the editor:

It is my understanding that a lot of school districts have stopped offering half-day kindergarten and only offer full-day kindergarten.

Several years ago, I had the occasion to ask an administrator in a St. Louis County school district if his district would ever stop offering half-day kindergarten and he said, “Only when the out-go from the kindergarten program exceeds the income from the full-day tuitions.”

Further conversation led me to believe he did not anticipate that ever happening.

Obviously, Mehlville — a different district — is not discontinuing its kindergarten program, so there will still be plenty of out-go. But this plan for free kindergarten is eliminating their income.

“Free” is only in the eye of the beholder.

Somebody is left carrying the financial burden.

Funding could be provided through state aid, according to Mehlville Superintendent Eric Knost.

Isn’t he really saying Missouri taxpayers will be on the hook for this extra expenditure in Mehlville?

And, why not? It’s only following the federal model of a nanny state that was ushered in November 2008 and welcomed with open arms in November 2012.

Oh, well. As I always say, the best lessons we learn are the ones we learn the hard way. I just wish I didn’t have to go along for the ride while the lesson is being endured.