Missouri Senate votes to give itself increased subpoena power

The Senate moved one step closer to passing a bill granting subpoena power to the president pro tem.

Currently, only the Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House have that power. The Senate Bill would also grant the power to subpoena records.

The approval came with little opposition by Senate Democrats, including Democratic Floor Leader Victor Callahan.

“Even if you didn’t do a subpoena most of the production of records would be included probably in the Open Records and Sunshine Law,” said Callahan.

The man who would benefit from this bill, Sen. Rob Mayer, R-Dexter, said the Missouri Constitution will serve as a guideline for punishing those who disobey a General Assembly subpoena. The Constitution says a person may be fined up to $300 or be held in jail for up to 10 days, or both, if guilty of disrespect to the House.

The bill needs to be approved one more time before it is sent to the House and the Senate is scheduled to discuss the subpoena bill again before the end of the month.

– Missouri Digital News