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Milligan’’s yard ideal site for transfer station

To the editor:

I read Bill Milligan’s recent article regarding the disputed waste transfer site, his solution, the former National Lead site in Lemay.

My solution, how about his back yard?

I would think that somewhere, somehow, someone would come up with a viable solution to the NL site; it seems a shame to have 80 acres right on the historic Mississippi going down the dumper.

In a recent trip on the Texas Eagle coming from Dallas, we passed the NL site and one passenger wanted to know what catastrophic calamity occurred there. We told him that a business just moved out some years ago. He exclaimed, “And it’s never been cleaned up.”

Why not use some of the abandoned quarries in the area as landfills?

I know of one off Mount Olive Road and one off Green Park Road. Once they were filled up, think of all the condos you could build on top of them, after all, that’s additional tax money.

No, I don’t like your idea, Mr. Milligan.

Every time it becomes necessary to dump an obnoxious or undesirable project, Lemay becomes a prime target. Nobody wanted the MSD treatment plant, but we got it. Keep in mind in another 50 years that Affton, Mehlville, Oakville, etc., will be very much in the position of Lemay.

I would strongly suggest that we constantly upgrade our older areas, not continue to downgrade them. I still think that a casino would have been the answer to a lot of the county’s problems, regardless of what the Sisters of Notre Dame and Jim Stonebraker say.

L.R. Eckert


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