Miller, Ujka best candidates for Lindbergh board

To the editor:

The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

This aphorism accurately captures the source of increasing — and needless — drama in Lindbergh Schools in recent years, culminating in the unilateral determination of the current teacher salary schedule.

Jennifer Miller and incumbent Gary Ujka are two school board candidates who will work to improve communication and thereby strengthen the Lindbergh School District.

Importantly, residents should elect candidates who sincerely value honest, clear communication. It is also imperative that board members possess the strength of character to ask difficult questions when necessary and challenge any interests that compete with those of Lindbergh students and taxpayers. Jennifer Miller and Gary Ujka embody integrity and endeavor only to serve student and taxpayer interests.

The candidates elected April 5 to the Lindbergh school board will soon participate in choosing a new superintendent, since Superintendent Dr. Jim Simpson declared his intent to retire in 2018.

Lindbergh needs board members who will ensure our next leader values and personifies the most important element in all successful relationships: healthy communication.

Jennifer Miller and Gary Ujka will strive to restore healthy communication within the district, and they consequently will serve the interests of Lindbergh students and taxpayers exceedingly well.