Miguel best candidate to represent interests of Crestwood’s Ward 3

To the editor:

As it is likely that the city of Crestwood will soon sign a redevelopment agreement for the Crestwood mall property, the votes we cast on April 5 to elect our aldermen will have an impact on the city that will be felt for years to come.

The board that will be seated after the election will face many challenges, from negotiating redevelopment legislation to planning and zoning issues to discerning the best ways for the city to manage its budget in the wake of the property-tax revenue forfeitures imposed by the use of edevelopment incentives for the mall.

Fortunately for Ward 3 voters, we have a candidate who has the depth of knowledge, experience, and independence to be the kind of legislator who knows what it takes to be an effective public servant. That candidate is Jerry Miguel. Mr. Miguel’s practical experience negotiating redevelopment legislation, as well as his rigorous review of city finances would give the board the foundation it needs to navigate the city’s future.

It is clear that at times the collective inexperience of the current board has led to a lopsided dependence on professional consultants. Mr. Miguel would help change that dynamic, saving the city money in professional fees, while adding much-needed scrutiny to the legislative process.

He possesses the wisdom to challenge prevailing opinions when they do not represent the best interests of the city.

Electing seasoned aldermen to the board at this crucial juncture will ensure that the voice of residents will not be muted by those who favor short-term political accomplishments at the expense of long-term municipal viability. Jerry Miguel is the candidate best suited to represent the interests of Ward 3 voters; his courage in aggressively pursuing what is best for the city, even in the face of criticism, places him in a category unmatched by his opponents.

I will vote with confidence for Jerry Miguel on April 5, and I strongly encourage my fellow Ward 3 residents to join me.