MFPD perfect example of what can be achieved with taxpayer in mind

To the editor:

Have you noticed the change in the landscape across the road from Lindbergh High School?

Have you noticed the new building that’s just been completed?

Have you noticed how well it blends into the neighborhood?

Have you noticed how well it enhances the surrounding area?

It’s the Mehlville Fire Protection District’s new No. 3 Firehouse.

This facility will improve the response time for all types of emergencies. This facility will house dedicated personnel to answer any emergency.

Have you noticed that this fire station was planned, approved and built without an increase in homeowner taxes?

Wouldn’t it be great if the local, county, state and federal governments would complete their projects without adding to the burden of the taxpayer?

This Mehlville Fire Protection District project is a perfect example of what can be accomplished without fraud, greed, kickbacks and dishonest politics.

The next time you pass Lindbergh High be sure to notice what can be accomplished with the taxpayer in mind.

Felix C. Washburn

south county