Mehlville’s Prop R impacts entire community

To the editor,

We are parents of three students in the Mehlville School District.

Like most parents, we are concerned about the financial issues the district is having and are worried about the passing of Prop R. Obviously, I urge everyone in the district to vote “yes.”

A recent letter to the editor saying parents of children educated in the district want more for their children, and want to do so at the expense of those on fixed incomes, is an irresponsible statement.

Here is why: We do not want more for our children. We simply want the same things that students before them received from the district. We want the cut programs returned, specifically those involving the education of the students like tutoring, extra help for struggling students, and new, updated textbooks. Don’t reduce the number of educators, access to necessary educational requirements or new technologies needed to function as the world evolves — these are not luxuries.

We are not asking taxpayers to fund our kids’ parties, but we are asking them to help fund their education as in the past, as we will for others after our students are finished in the district. This issue impacts all, regardless of income. Please don’t make this something it is not.

Steve Tymkew