Mehlville’s ‘educational cartel’ will never be satisfied, reader asserts

To the editor:

Well, I see the Mehlville National Education Association-educational cartel is at its poor, poor, pitiful me stage again.

When do they stop? To Board of Education President Samantha Stormer, now you know how Rich Franz and Mark Stoner were treated when they were members of the board and gave the educational cartel members a raise in return for the beginning of the foundation for a merit-pay system.

It never happened. Obviously, you were duped as well.

The MNEA could care less about rebuilding a relationship. They are about one thing, getting everything from the district that benefits them. For you taxpayer lemmings who voted for the tax-rate increase, can you believe the cartel wants you to have less representation on committees and panels?

The MNEA wants to appoint all teachers on committees. Wow.

They even complain about not being able to take off on Fridays in April and May.

You would think that with all the hours they don’t work, a few Fridays wouldn’t be that much of a burden.

I forgot, though, since it is all about the kids, I am sure they are taking the Friday off to prepare for the next week’s lessons.

The educational cartel will never be satisfied.

Give them an inch, they take 10 miles.

Look at Lindbergh Schools, where they loaded up the school board with their lackeys and boom, get a raise and probably are going to put another tax-rate increase on the ballot in November to fund another teacher raise.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see another one for Mehlville on the ballot next April. Good luck, Ms. Stormer, you are going to need it with the interest-based bargaining indoctrination process.