Mehlville@Home is a success despite challenging year, this parent writes

Letters to the Editor


To the editor:

I am writing this letter in response to a letter printed in The Call dated April 29 titled “Virtual teachers should not be paid as much as ones in the classroom.” 

This is ridiculous to say the least. First of all, can we agree that all teachers, whether virtual or in-person, are categorically underpaid (and I would add unappreciated)? Mr. Rich Franz states that teachers are being paid to be present in the classroom for 6-6.5 hours each day. My son’s teacher (shout-out to Mrs. Coleman!) stays in the classroom and connected with her students for the entire day — at least six hours if not more. 

Not to mention the fact that she lets the kids log on a little early to chat and have breakfast with her and the other students and is willing to stay as late as needed for them to finish their work. In addition she also made baskets for the kids for fall and winter parties and spent a lot of her personal time preparing activities for an exceptional Earth Day celebration.

From what we’ve experienced it takes an incredible amount of time and preparation to connect to students in a virtual setting. Mehville@Home has been a wonderful experience and a bright spot for our family in what has been a very challenging year. Our son is thriving, and he wakes up every morning happy and excited to log on to class. We are so happy with our experience this year that we have decided to continue with Mehville@Home next year.

I hope that Mr. Franz and anyone else critical of our district’s virtual program will take the time to listen to parents like myself and the teachers and administrators that have worked so hard at making this year a success.

Courtney Culbeth