Mehlville superintendent can afford to pay his wife’s health insurance

To the editor:

I am not sure what world Mehlville Superintendent Terry Noble lives in, but in my world no one gives me extra pay to offset my health benefits for my husband.

My husband also does not get extra pay to offset my health benefits. For Mr. Noble to act as if this is not really a raise is an assault on any common-sensed individual. Maybe Mr. Noble thinks we common folks are too dense to realize the Mehlville taxpayer is being taken for a ride. No other employees of Mehlville get paid compensation to cover increased health cost or adding members to their health insurance plan.

Before his raise, Mr. Noble was being paid $181,912 a year. I have no doubt he can afford to pay his wife’s health insurance.

Mehlville now wants to come to us and ask for more money so eventually the district can be so top heavy it eventually collapses.

Oh forgive me, it looks like that is happening already.

Theresa Mancarella