Mehlville Summer Academy offers fun learning opportunities at every grade-level

Nearly 1,000 students from across the Mehlville School District and from several area parochial schools are participating in the district’s Summer Academy.

The Summer Academy is provided for students at every grade-level who are looking to improve their knowledge and prepare for the upcoming school year. To enhance elementary students’ reading, writing and math skills this summer, they are taking a “road trip” to learn about the 50 states, creating their own rainforest and spending time “under the sea.”

“Rather than teaching the remedial subjects in isolation, we’re tying them to current topics,” fourth-grade teacher Cathy Mayrose stated in a district news release. “It’s more motivating for the students when we link instruction to an interesting topic.”

The Middle School Summer Academy focuses solely on the subjects of math, communication arts and science, while students at the high school level can earn credits in a variety of math, communication arts, science, social studies, business, health and physical education courses.

Besides the core subjects, the district offers students the opportunity to participate in Summer Enrichment Camps provided by the Mehlville Community Enrichment Department. From learning the tricks of the pirate trade in the Caribbean Pirates and Sailors camp to strutting down the runway while participating in the Fashion Design camp, students are staying busy this summer with these fun, educational opportunities.

The academy continues through June 28.