Mehlville School District students collect $15,000 for victims of Hurricane Harvey


These Forder Elementary School students participated in their school’s Hats On! fundraiser to help Texas families devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Students in the Mehlville School District have done their part to help Texas families devastated by Hurricane Harvey, raising more than $15,000.
Schools throughout the district recently hosted Hats On! fundraisers, where students could wear a hat if they made a donation to the American Red Cross hurricane relief fund.
Most donations were made as students arrived at school, but more came in during the lunch periods.
Besides the more than $15,000 already collected, district officials expect more funds to be collected, as Oakville High School included hurricane fundraising as part of its homecoming Spirit Week activities last week.
Principals throughout the district were thrilled, but not surprised, by the generosity of their families, according to district officials.
“The Oakville Middle community has always stepped up to help out others who are in need,” Oakville Middle School Principal Mike Salsman stated in a news release. “The generosity of the staff, students and community never ceases to amaze me.”
Bierbaum Elementary School Principal Nathan Burch added, “Our community was amazing in their desire to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We had two students take the initiative to set up a lemonade stand, and they raised more than $190 to donate to the American Red Cross.
“For the students, it was more than just getting to wear a hat to school, it was helping those who were in need. The whole district’s effort to help the victims made me very proud to be a part of the Mehlville community.”
A check will be given to the American Red Cross as soon as the donation total is finalized.